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Attended our first Moo Music class on Monday and it was absolutely fantastic. My little boy absolutely loved it!! I was so nervous with it being the first baby group we’ve attended but Becky was lovely. We booked a trial but will definitely be continuing with the extra 3 weeks. Thank you!


Amy - Baby Moo

My 10 month old son and I were doing classes in Eckington with Kellsey before the CV hit. We really enjoyed them and dancing along to music at home. 

Now we do the online classes with Beck, and story time and music with Kellsey. If you’ve not joined up – you must. The ladies are working so hard to keep our little ones entertained and actually educated too. Now my almost 4yo daughter is joining in and learning new songs and activities. Thank you Beck and Kellsey.

Lu - Mixed Moo

So much fun and perfect that I can take both my 1 yr old and 3yr old to the same session, they both love it so much that we booked a part for his 1st birthday. 

Jane - Mixed Moo

Thoroughly enjoyed my first moo session with my 9 week old daughter. I particularly like the sensory elements and learning some sign language too. cant wait for our next session. 

Amanda - Baby Moo

My little boy is almost 1 and we have been going to Moo Music since he was a few months old, I can honestly say I look forward to it every week! Each class has a different topical theme with songs and props so it never gets dull! Thanks Beck and Kellsey for being so friendly and making the sessions so much fun x 

Sam - Baby Moo

We love Moo Music! I have been taking my son for the last 3 weeks on the taster sessions for Baby Moo at Clowne (he was 5 weeks old when we started). Each week he has become more alert to his surroundings and the music and dancing makes him smile. Kellsey is a great farmer, has bags of energy and all the children love her! We will certainly become regulars at these sessions and have already booked onto next term! 

Sophie - Baby Moo

We had a fantastic time at the Summer party, loved the music, the interaction and the activities. Beck is great and I asked my son if he liked the party this morning and his reply was, can we go back again now mummy!! Result, happy child, happy mummy!

Dawn - Summer Special

Absolutely love Moo Music, been going since Jake was about 4 months old. We’ve just tried the new Eckington class and Kellsey was fantastic! She has so much energy and is great with the little ones – can’t wait for next week! 

Natalia - Mixed Moo

I’ve been taking my daughter to Moo Music since she was 8 weeks old and she absolutely loves it! Beck is wonderful and my daughter smiles as soon as she sees her! The classes are fun, interactive and full of great music. Each week is a different theme and it is so well resourced. Thank you Beck!

Lucy - Baby Moo