MOOBorn: 0 – 6mths

Our classes for the littlest of Moo’vers! Aimed at babies from newborn to 6 months, these classes start as a way of building some structure and routine into maternity leave and getting you and baby out and about! The most magical things happen in MOOBorn as week by week these tiny tots go from sleepy and hungry to alert and excited! We see changes from week to week and are able to celebrate little victories like grasping a shaker or tracking bubbles with their eyes or tolerating tummy time for a whole song! And if they snooze, don’t worry – they will still be taking in the music, are clearly relaxed and are bound to become another of our sleepy success stories who become huge Moo fans!  


Baby Moo

Baby Moo: 0 – prewalkers

Baby Moo is our Moo Music session targeted at babies from birth until they are confidently walking and or around 15 months of age. The benefits of music for babies are scientifically proven, that every area of the brain is stimulated when babies engage in musical activity. Music also helps to develop communication, language skills, social skills, creativity and imagination while being interactive and fun! With these, your babies will grow up in the world of music.


Mixed Moo

Mixed Moo: birth – 5 years

The original Moo Music experience! These classes are open to children from birth to 5 years old, making then the idea activity for siblings. They are also great for friends with children of different ages or childminders. We use singing, movement, games, signing, sensory play, creative role play and instrumental work, all set to the fantastic and original Moo songs. Exploring many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, the children have so much fun they don’t even realise they are learning. All activities are appropriately differentiated according to age and ability.


Messy Moo: 6mths to 5 years

Messy Moo is a great fun messy, sensory and exploration session for those sitting until around 5 years. The session usually begins with a 10-15 minute Moo Music session followed by messy fun, the messier the better! Think of it as a messy parent and toddler group where everyone is involved.