Meet The Moo Croo!

Bringing Moosical Fun for your Little One..

Beck Allison

Head Farmer and Owner 

Hi, I’m Beck and I started Moo Music Chesterfield and Dronfield in September 2017, then in September 2019 expanded into Mosborough and Eckington areas.

I live with my husband Sean and proud mum to Scarlette (7) and Dexter (6). Before Moo, I was a primary teacher with 5 years’ experience, 3 of which were based in Early Years.

I decided to leave teaching and set up Moo Music as I wanted a career that would fit around my family. I live and breathe Moo and am passionate about bringing fun and excitement to your little ones in sessions. Music is such an essential part of our development and as well as being fun and interactive, Moo Music supports many of the Early Years Outcomes in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

During lockdown, I decided to broaden my skill set and became a Baby Massage instructor, once I completed this training at the end of 2020, I got the bug for learning and trained as a Baby Yoga, Toddler/preschool Yoga and Tummy Time instructor. I have also completed a level 2 certificate in Understanding Children’s and Young Peoples Mental Health as I felt this was an area particularly important at this time. I am also Paediatric First Aid trained and hold an Enhanced DBS certificate.

So why not come along to one of our sessions and enjoy some Moosical Fun! I run all my sessions at our base Little’s Hub Chesterfield at The Hub S45 in Clay Cross.

Beck xx 

Farmer Nicola

Farmer Nicola

Brimington & Clowne Farmer

Hi, everyone I’m Nicola! I am a new member of the Moo Croo!

I am mum to two girls, enjoying the home life but ready to start a new adventure! 

I am looking forward to bringing some moosical fun to everyone in Clowne and Brimington! 

Nicola xxx



Farmer Shar

Little’s Hub Farmer

Farmer Shar

Hi, I’m Shar! I am SUPER excited to be joining the team!

I previously worked at an Early Years nursery and before that I was a childminding assistant in an Early Years setting. Alongside this, I teach fitness classes and group training sessions in various gyms around Chesterfield. I also teach kids fitness classes where mums and dads join in too!

I am a very bubbly, enthusiastic person! I am excited to meet you all! One of my main passions in life is to promote wellness, positive mindsets and bring people together and try and create a support network for friends and like minded parents and Little’s Hub is the PERFECT place for that!

I look forward to singing, dancing, MOOOving and More!

Shar xxx

Maggie Moo

The Moo Croo

Maggie Moo is the only member of the Moo Croo to be born on Chestnut Farm.  She first discovered she had a great sense of rhythm after a mishap at the yard. She got her front hooves stuck in a couple of cartons , one of which was full of nails. for the rest of the day she walked around the farm with a bop, tish, bop, tish, bop, tish!

Maggie is best friends with Ollie Oink and one Christmas Ollie gave her a beautiful bell, the one you can see in the pictures. Although she mainly plays her drum, she occasionally hits her bell when she gets really excited! 

Doris Duck

The Moo Croo

Like all the bet bass guitar players, Doris started out as a guitarist, but the rest of the Chestnut croo really needed someone to play the bass. One Christmas, Maggie, Ollie and Henry all chipped in and bought Doris a beautiful red bass. Doris quickly fell in love with her new bass and found it much easier to play than the guitar because of her large feathers. 

Doris has many hobbies, but she is happiest when she is doing sports. She loves playing football and her favourite footballer is Chris Waddle. She used to love playing dodge ball, but had to give it up because she would just turn her head when someone shouted ‘duck!’   

Barry Baa

The Moo Croo

Barry has always lived at Chestnut Farm but until recently he’s spent most of his time out in the fields. Being the oldest, best behaved sheep it was always his job to count the others in and out of the fold each day. He enjoyed it very much but kept falling asleep on the job.  Like Ollie, Barry used to enjoy listening to the rest of the croo singing their songs and playing their instruments and he decided he wanted to join them, Noticing they didn’t have a piano in their band , Barry bought one and taught himself how to pay it The rest of the croo were so impressed they asked him to join in and even bought him a pair of cool rock star shades! 

Henry Horse

The Moo Croo

Henry first came to Chestnut Farm to replace Bob, who’s job it was to pull the ploughs (Bob don’t work on Maggie’s farm no more). One evening while he was having a clear out in his stable he found Bob’s old banjo. Within a few weeks Henry had learnt many chords and even started to sing along. When Henry is not twanging his banjo can often be found reading books, or playing board games with the rest of the croo. Henry is best friends with Doris Duck. Doris had been minding her own business  (not to be confused with baby sitting her own droppings) in a neighbouring pond when she heard a familiar ‘quackety quack quack’ coming from the farm. Expecting to find another duck to make friends with she flip-flapped her way across the yard following the quacks. Instead of finding another duck however, Doris turned the corner and found Henry practising on his banjo. 

Ollie Oink

The Moo Croo

Ollie grew up on the farm next door to Chestnut Farm and would often sit at the fence peering through, wishing he could join in with the moosic makers. Someone said to him one day that he would only be able to join a band ‘when pigs could fly’. This got Ollie thinking and one Tuesday afternoon he raided his me-bank, bought himself a pogo stick and after a few attempts made it over the fence. He didn’t really know how to play an instrument but boy could he sing and dance as well! The rest of the croo invited Ollie to live on the farm and he was very happy to be somewhere so clean and tidy as his last place was a real pig sty.

Holly Hen

The Moo Croo

Holly grew up next door to Chestnut Farm with Ollie Oink. Being a bit of an 80’s chick she spent alot of her early days lying around in a shell suit, but as she grew older she really enjoyed playing games and going for long walks with Ollie. When Ollie left for Chestnut Farm Holly started to feel a bit cooped up on her own so she hatched a plan to and join the croo. Early one morning she scuttled off to the market when she found a lovely second hand fiddle . She practised and practised day and night until she was confident enough to fly over the fence and play some songs to the others. They all loved Holly’s playing and invited her to join them immediately